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Monday, June 24, 2013

From the film Play it Again Sam by Woody Allen and Amanda Knox

Humphry Bogart (impersonator): "The only bad thing is if she turns out to be a virgin, or a cop."
Woody Allen: "With my luck she'll be both."

I am reading Amanda Knox's memoir  Waiting to be Heard it's amazing! This is some story.....the stuff of B horror films, the kind you watch on Halloween. But of course this was real. Italy looks beautiful I was only there briefly. This story reads ....her trial.....like something out of the Middle Ages.....Amanda was actually driven through a crowd in what looked like a cage .....though it was a car.  She and Raffeale Sollicito were in NYC......must have been for an interview...my heart goes out to the Kerchers for their loss. Still these kids didn't do it. The prosecution spun this absurd ridiculous and untrue story about a wild sex orgy and turned Knox into the Scarlet Killer.....which she wasn't. That .....this could have been me or anybody....

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