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Friday, June 14, 2013

Aileen Wuornos

Watch "Aileen Wuornos Part 1 of 6" on YouTube
Yes I am watching many interviews with female prisoners and serial killers. Of course there is no excuse for cold blooded murder ("you have a right not to be killed/murder is a crime/unless it was done/by a policeman" The Clash) and..... yes those who are.guilty made their own choices BUT it also takes a village.....Wournos wow .....I never knew much about her. She is from Michigan I have tons of family there.....these are the people next door well I learned that from personal experience.....but it still is hard to sink in. These aren't deviants or lowlifes but regular people......lots of people go through bad stuff and don't go on to become killers maybe there is no way to predict. Some killers have "normal" childhoods I mean on it goes.....

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