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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Amanda Knox

I am really fascinated by this. A lot of elements. Halloween All Souls Day killing. Mignini (sp cq) said this murder was Satanic and I found out the Satanic Panic has resurged in Italy. Well the SP has been found to be fiction and people were wrongly accused of stuff they didn't do. Point number one. Most of the ones sent to jail were not Satanists. Halloween and All Saints Day and All Souls Day are Christian holidays, formerly pagan, and have nothing to do with Satanism which is its own religion. AK .and RS are not Satanists never professed to be as far as I know they are both Christian.
Two: Meredith Kercher's "friends" first of all left her alone and vulnerable in an area with a history of crime and thugs running rampant it seems. What kind of people were hanging around her? Theres something really not right here. Her "friends" who claim to be so concerned for her skip town as soon as she is killed and do nothing to help with the investigation and refuse to speak to the police. Is that what someone who cares about someone does? Ditto for her roommates. They trash talk AK who DID stay and try to help, then took the rap for it, completely wrongly, losing her freedom .....but what did they do to help? Who are they to blame anyone? Three. After the fact: and I know having traveled you domt think about these things: there was apparently inadequate security in that place. A disaster for young women living alone and far more if its one alone. When I went to London we were not in a great neighborhood and security was airtight. I got in trouble when . My bag was stolen and keys were in it. But we were in a dorm. Basically my point is they were in an unsafe place with inadequate protection or security which a friend . Once advised me should always be first priority when moving to a new place. There . Is a reason why floor washing for protection is so widespread in hoodoo. There are bad folk out there. My friend who lived alone was raped even someone crawled through her window. Some of these creeps stalk . People and stake them out. Wait til they are out, or alone. It.....especially because I grew up in the city is beyond me why the . People renting this place did not make it safer against intruders like Rudy Guede. Why in short were they living in an unsecure place . In a bad neighborhood with dangerous people running around? If he was selling them drugs it makws no sense to kill your customers unless she owed him money but after a week? Probably he figured MK had money and he said they had a date (if true.....I can't help wonder was she out of her mind but I can't say for sure). After smashing the window (and why didnt she call the cops) she must have screamed God knows I would have someone MUST have heard her. They were allegedly in a crowded town. Weren't there other people living there? Didn't they hear the window break?  She must have been screaming her head off why did no one hear her especially during a struggle.
Unless he covered her mouth. But apparently they were running around. Or he held her down on the bed raped and stabbed her covering her mouth in which case . He is the worst slime alive. I am against the death penalty but if he did that I wouldnt feel sorry for him. If . It was consensual sex he wouldn't. Have broken the window. . Some said AK and RS broke the window to make . It look like a break . In.....but depending where the glass fell if . Out the break . Occured from . Oitside . If . In inside......they'd have had to go out and smash the window themselves at nighttime that's pretty far fetched. What would be thwir motive for . Killing her knowing they would lose their freedom this while they were in school anything is . Possible but thats improbable. Now, why were their phones off unless battery ran out but how did the . Pro KNOW their . Phones were off. That is one thing fishy I hate tosay cuz I am . On their side but thats how yoyr location cant be tracked. Did they take out the batteries on their phones? Someone who must have heard the glass break.

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