oh lovelies

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

this am on the train

I wrote by hand as I had no phone about Woodstock, "gimme an f....." "F!" "Gimme a u" "c" "k" et al  "what's that spell?" "Fuck!" I used to hear this album constantly growing up.....Recurring question war after war.....Ashley's letter to Melanie "I look up at the stars and ask myself, why are you here? What are you fighting for?"
"123 what are we fighting for?"
"Why are we here? Where are the weapons of mass destruction?"

"What does fuck mean" It's a bad word, don't say it.....yeah well we violated that one. Something in my mind unconsciously......the feel of it, loud, ugly, unfeminine, vulgar..........something "down there" and dirty......

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