oh lovelies

Saturday, March 28, 2015

oh b you sexy thing

mwah kisses kisses from across the ocean.....puss puss 

 "You must construct a circle mentally, a circle of light and attention. You must not allow your concentration to go beyond it. If your control begins to lessen you must withdraw quickly to a smaller circle." Stanislavski  An Actor Prepares

 Margaret Wilson, Scottish Martyr

Kinda creepy Mozart in the background thought it was part of a Lady Gaga video

be grateful for small things. I love b but can't live this way. "you know I love you but I just can't take this" Phil Collins  I always hated his music.....I so love lg tho.....


 oh god this is so fucked up but brilliant.....

yes grateful for small things. small big things. Food and drink. I am not in jail. I didn't throw soap at that loser who accused me of being a kleptomaniac......more low, childish behavior not a solution to anything. that I didn't punch b  for cheating. I didn't post a nasty blog thing about ......who shall remain nameless. knock wood, ect. you know. I had to get out of there. for a time. I did not do ...... that's all that was on my mind. How did I not? I don't understand it except that ......but never again. My head hurts, my knees, from yesterday.....I feel smashed just hurting, hurting everywhere.....

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