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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The anti war movement

"For bugles do not stir my blood nor drums entice my feet....." Ashley's letter to Melanie, GWTW

"They take this really seriously and you were standing there putting on lipstick....." My friend Aeysha. "I invite you to hang out with us and you flip out at my dad's play....."

.....what is the disclaimer to protect privacy names have been changed, ect.....

He was a dating a friend of a friend....."he" was not who you thought he was.....ringleader, sometimes a little overbearing, good looking,  mouthed off to the Chicago cops telling them to "eat me" and then they beat the shit out of him in the courthouse. Those arrested and jailed were pressured.....or so it's been told or suggested all in a cloud of confusion never really clarified...... to snitch on, to put it kindly.....  their friends but because as Margeret Atwood wrote "people choose to save their own skins. You can count on it 9 times out of ten." He who, to put it crudely, put his dick in you may have informed on you to the cops though you were a confused kid taking acting lessons pulling yourself together after dropping out of high school "the pressure drop, oh you're gonna feel it.....oh yeah....." Who knows who knew? This I was reading in a magazine about the seeming vapid eye candy Marilyn.....a target for surveillance. Honestly if you're not being spied on you're probably not doing a whole lot, some say..... I knew little and understood less about the war, who was what, barely knew where Afghanistan was on a map.....my father was in favor of it due to Carter's alleged mishandling of the oil crisis, "no blood for oil!"..... But fundamentally I instinctively sensed I was speaking for something valid and true.....against a corrupt and immoral action by our government..... A kid in my high school gas in called me a communist and I loved Russian ballet, Anna Pavlova and Natalia Makarova never mind the latter defected to here and, let's not mince words, was considered a sellout by some of her own people (not by me). In her biography she quoted a letter from one of her peers " such people will never see happiness, regardless of fame or money, because they betrayed their countries....." Not much to most but enough to some to be labeled a liberal or commie but you didn't need a lot.....Marilyn Monroe was not the "dumb blonde" she appeared to be.....she was betrayed, ratted out.....by men she slept with a trusted.....he did that to me? How can you be sure except our phones were tapped.....no explanation, how? I was not a ringleader of anything barely knew anything except orange lipstick must have stood out....."you shit," I thought.....an audition or a ritual of uomething? The girl dancer was riveting, gorgeous. As was her audition. I was not intimidated..... But shaken and like I was receiving ......what was it? This was something out of the norm, from another place.....

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