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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Went through hell

I was nearly killed emotionally if not physically. A lot of work to untangle myself.
When all is said and done I stayed strong. How did I?
Now watching Meet the Fockers think I've earned two hours of this. This guy I dated a while back, Vital who at least I can say took me to raves and out to dinner, nice) spaced out in an Indian restaurant as the bright lights were too intense.....told me, "Laura you're the flakiest person I know." Then paused and said, "Laura you're a fruit loop."
This girl Liz, one of Ted's "fuck friends" that he is famous for, that he "won't hesitate to use if you're unavailable" (and he didn't) tried to dissuade this guy Manny from seeing me by telling I'm crazy (he continued to see me.....)

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