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Thursday, September 04, 2014

so.....more on.....

what I wrote before about these experiences.....strange how they fade into the background til you suddenly remember then write them down. I saw a British film last night where the actor talks about twists and random turns of fate and that's the only explanation.....well one possible one of why I didn't end up sitting where someone like Amanda Knox or these other people you read about are. Because I'm me and they're them? Well, obviously. One psychic said simply life may have other plans.....but how by a slip of the fingers I got away from that. But I'm not there I'm here and can as yet still walk and talk and breathe and I"m not standing trial but writing eating working dancing, trying to.....Halloween! Love it. Sadly, that's.....well.....other stuff. Ee. I thought I had to put photos of me cleaned up and in an innocent or safe place but I say no, show it how it is. As it is not everyone is friendly to me. Maybe some want me to STFU. Wouldn't surprise me. But this is my story and this is what is happening, what did.....what will?

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