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Tuesday, September 02, 2014


Like I said my friend was very sweet to make me some dvds I've mentioned this before La Ceremonie the Amanda Knox and Jodi Arias movies.....I am sorry for whatever personal issues are tied up with them.....but the Knox film is very prettily filmed I am fascinated by this the director his name evades me is Romanian I have seen a couple incredible films out of there. It's really a travesty in my opinion that the international dvd place in the west village closed cause I mean there are lots of great American films but there is so much around the world most people here don't know about. Netflix is just too complicated for me I guess I'm old school (ugh!) my mom rents stuff even vhs from the library all the time. I grew up watching a lot of French, some Italian cinema. Anyway the acting in the Knox film is great the actor playing Lumumba is hilarious and the one playing Guede I wikied this wrote the music: Djibril Debe with an accent I believe is his name.....and Vincent Riotta.....as Mignini.....La Ceremonie is loosely based on an infamous French case of two maids who went beserk.....the Papin sisters.....and killed their emplyers. This was one of the early.....well actually certainly not the first incident of this.....before there was mass media or newspapers there was simply gossip, hysteria.....like the witch trials but anyway this was the 1930s and it was a huge sensation like OJ Simpson or Jodi Arias equivalent in France. Why do these things happen? Who knows.....they simply do.

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