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Sunday, September 14, 2014

dreams of planes

I'm standing not sitting, this a recurring one. The plane is landing (astral projection, I must have stepped outside my own body they say that happens during times of trauma ) then it lands. It's summer, but out of the blue it's snowing. One guy, he looked like one I went on .....who was on a trip to London on that study abroad .....said, I told you before it was snowing why didn't you see it? Maybe this is after watching a documentary on 9/11 and dust everywhere.....it was literally pulverized into sand.....a plane alone did that? But some other time for that one.
Before I left for London I had had my belly pierced this guy.....who did it.....I got some kind of rush from the pin going in must have been shock.....only later I felt the pain.....couldn't shower without feeling it later I needed dry air couldn't be around cigarette smoke. I moved out of the dorm. It was chaos. Had to take a taxi to Newark.....my boyfriend at the time helped me. I really acted horribly at times. Believe me, I felt guilt then and still do. By a hair scrape as usual I got out of a mess. Jeez, how do I do it? I don't go looking for these situations. In my dream before leaving.....still in my room at the time, after getting the piercing I fell asleep and suddenly was in a museum, the Natural History. Dead, encased butterflies. I suddenly was out of my body and flying through this place that was full of artifacts but no human beings, nothing alive period. Then I fell down to the floor. I was on the steps. I woke up and looked up. The soul leaves the body but to where? I dream constantly of being in a plane, a hot air balloon, flying above the city......


from this site http://www.pinterest.com/dreamscloud1/flying-dreams/

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