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Thursday, January 31, 2013


I wrote that as, I started to type but my phone crashed.....I understand that unfortunately that name will always turn up and there will always be someone making the (my opnion) bad decision of naming their kid that. even if I am wrong and if I am then I am sorry. But too many times my suspicions were confirmed by outside and reliable sources. my only wish. though I love Justin and want him to be well.....part of why I AM so adamant and emotional over this.....I had made a heartfelt move, with all my heart, of moving on from the past. But her name came up (again) with some very disturbing revelations about someone I thought I trusted. Who in their right mind thinks they have the priviledge of determining anothers life or what they do or say? thats playing God. and because I sought peace but got instead this .....even sometimes a person doesnt oes not have to "do" anything and best c scenario this person was an annoying and obtrusive presence. Maybe one can be carrying a bad hangover from the past and even if its not intentional it affects .....the fallout or whatever is dangerous and t this is someone to avoid. anyway, like I said, I only want to move on. but I am going public with this only after I felt so shakably endangered again, due to what happened. Also.....god my hand is tired from typing on a handheld.....I am watching interviews with princess Diana. I never had much interest in the royal family. but she is really fascinating....not who I thought she was. I am touched in so many ways by what she says and I understand exactly of which she speaks.like I said, I was badly shaken by some things the past two weeks and scraped by a horror.....due partly to this person and some associated. Hence, why I am giving this heated testimony you read.

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