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Friday, January 29, 2016

Columbus, Ohio age five?

My memories of Columbus are foggy since I was a child but there was my friend Kristin whose mother worked for Hustler magazine, a field with an antenna-like water tower looking into.....whatever was outside the apartment complex we lived in. In that place though I had experiences  Ive never had anywhere else.....the things I saw, the people I encountered, a hippie in the playground who gave me a piece of gum my mother telling me never take candy from strangers. Maybe this gum was laced with something I guess I'll never know but the things I saw I mean Willy Wonka no way yes it was but twisted like a fun house mirror or pcp meets Twilight Zone and LSD and the Dark Forest (Freudian)....three  monsters or something (the Way by Fastball, I associate this song with "Road Opening" more like the walls shot out with the force of a cork from a champagne bottle, not a painless thing) heads like alligators or crocodiles not sure the difference, like an ancient Egyptian god, Anubis, maybe? I would see those turning suddenly, sometimes just the head, on a table, in the.closet, staring at me.....these three beckoning me to.come with them, I ran out tried to get to my mother's room but her door was locked, one of the cats came up to me I think, we had two darling cats, Ankh and Freedom, I think this hippie family next door gave us them. Poor Freedom got trapped in the wall some mf put a block in front of the hole he was trying to get out of, why on earth do cats do that, crawl between walls and floorboards, maybe hunting mice? This makes my heart ache thinking of this but.....I heard these whatever they were growling or grunting, they were calling me, a tiger, yes literally when I went downstairs to the living room. Maybe children are more receptive but after we left that place I never saw these things again. I saw that same crocodile whatever head this an actual art project at Hunter in the basement of the North Building. Honestly, there is a weird guy that works down there.....but another time for that. I recently watched a video by Ke$ha "C'mon" the imagery, the lyrics, a little juvenile but .....I was in over my head at age six with something so sophisticated and esoteric and from the other side of the earth but there I was.....eventually I did travel to Egypt, then Israel. My father was horrified at my going and tried to stop me knowing the risks but I was unstoppable as a bullet I had to go. It's safe for the most part but with no guarantees I passed through Taba in Egypt which had been bombed recently and then witnessed a scare in Jerusalem I don't know why I move into hairy situations like this case in point going with a friend to an anti war protest in Chicago to find a few days later my phone was tapped and my friends because of? My "association" with one of the I suppose ringleaders of this that being I met him once, he was dating a friend of a friend of mine, and he had called me crazy because I had a meltdown in the middle.if my friend's father's play (you flip out at my dad's play) then Italian food later which is #1 in NYC I 

suppose Chicago, too.

What I saw Click Here

pic below from this site 

Johan Grenier   Johan Grenier (click link left)   is the artist

Death and the underworld have been calling me since.....since always. Why me? I don't know. So yes Anubis visted me when I was about five and I had not made any decision to become pagan or anything I don't know what other explanation you know that's what I saw. You can snort all you want. Even though it scared the shit out of me at the time and I saw him, or just his head sometimes, everywhere, I guess this is not uncommon he's visited other people. Shortly thereafter, we moved to Evanston. ? Age five yes this looks pretty accurate, pretty sure it was him. Come with me.....that's why I .....I won't go into it now.
.....I will speak my piece elsewhere now is not the time to get nasty.....I am referencing the artist, Johan Grenier,  above.

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