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Thursday, January 14, 2016


Sorry it's been forever since I've written here.....I've been swamped with making the transition to Washington Heights working, planning trips, training and putting together a new set.....a million things. My head even now is heavy and it's difficult to write but so much of the past month took everything out of me. A lot of moving forward and a lot of changes some good, some not so good; or rather not everything worked out as expected but despite what it was to get through it, the mistakes, ultimately some good did come of it.

Not to mention I'm caught up in the news particularly into the mysterious deaths of Amanda Blackburn in Indianapolis and now the girl in Italy Ashley Olsen. I cannot wrap my brain around this senseless violence and hatred toward someone not only unable to fight back but more or less innocent not that this is an isolated thing, at all. The stories I've heard from people who've been there, about the horrors perpetrated against female prisoners in Iraq this occurred largely during the Bush years and was pretty hushed up, but it did happen; this in light that among the other things I broke ties with certain people who were not good for me one of them was over there, I think, and considering the messages he sent me it wouldn't surprise me if he was doing that; though I have nothing confirmed. Goodbye Dutch. Goodbye M28.

As for the Amanda Blackburn murder I'm particularly absorbed in this I have lots of family in Indianapolis and the street she is on looks familiar, though many of them look the same I always got lost visiting my father when I walked the dog or went out running. 

Furthermore, I left my charger in Brooklyn but this nice man let me borrow his. Kindness of strangers.....?

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