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Thursday, December 10, 2015


Riverdale thinking back what is it two years later. As always there were great things and horrific things. I've made peace with T in my mind a part of me feels compassion. It hurts me that friendships which had so much good and potential spiraled out of control into something bad and people's anger, ego, jealousy what have you got in the way and caused so much unnecessary pain. But there was good too. I'm not expecting life to be all rainbows and fluffy clouds I realize after everything I've been through you can care about someone who is deeply flawed even violent but if that little voice (I've read about ancestral veneration an African tradition brought to America) is telling you to get out and they're not the one.....I read Jodi Arias (don't know how to make the possesive thing on this keyboard) diary where she says the little voice was telling her not to go with Travis. Dude, that is the understatement of the 2000s first decade. But ironically because of Ted I met a wonderful man David whom I adore I am so thankful to spirits. David has said things to me that concern me but he has been kind to me also. I feel such a deep soul connection with him he was there for me like sent from Heaven's angels during some lonely and dark times. I suppose I attracted him with hoodoo. Anthony too, whom I love  a lot and seeing him is a blessing in spite of all the problems. I'm sorry things did  not work out in east Elmhurst but I don't have feelings for Mikati I just don't and though I'm grateful for his help but from day one that voice was saying "no."

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