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Thursday, December 10, 2015


This one that I'm in a kind of mall or performance space buying a costume people are waiting for me.....I know who but will say another time.....today I dreamt of a carnival, Mom and Sam, E, the bridge. Oh yes a girl I thought was Allison was a different Allison, an Indian girl, saying she's not a "prix." Couple nights ago dreamt again of D Im getting on a train to see B a line I've never taken before end up his place Ds he's playing horror film music (maybe time time to watch Halloween I love the first one) and the camera or my mind is panning to one of those things I don't want to see this but I do anyhow it's a girl hung in a garage.....on closer reflection I realize "she" is me. Hanged Woman. Life in suspension. That's obvious.
So in my mind qu est ce que je fait.....or regarde.....

Law and Order (got hulu! Watched a recent episode this show is   to NYC 1990s 2000s what Shakespeare was to 16th century London)
Criminal Minds another great show awesome people
Jodi Arias her diaries (poor girl was victimized so many times I maintain my faith that she's innocent and thank God she was spared now she needs to be let out)
The rest of Prom Night
Youtube stuff news commentary
There's a huge talent pool of genius out there

Thats the goid news. It's difficult to stay on top of it all but it's there

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