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Saturday, January 23, 2016

"No more babies" scene Gone With the Wind

In my ignorance having watched this film infinite times and read the book infinite times (I was one of those gwtw groupies) relating this story of a Southern girl ca. 1861 to me, a Yankee girl in NYC, Chicago, Indianapolis and Detroit the  cities I spent my time in most  growing up in the 1980s 1990s,  I in my mind assumed there was then some form of birth control.....did not understand the full meaning of no more children or "real intimacy" "fumbling awkwardness" ..... "you may keep your chastity, Scarlett" (sanctity in the film).....why her not wanting children was this huge thing. Scarlett's mother Ellen tells her "marriage must be borne with fortitude." Reading about the Amanda Blackburn case and listening to Davey's sermons put this in perspective after it made me remember reading this....."you should serve your husband by participating wholeheartedly in sex even when you're not in the mood" .....there is such a thing as marital rape yeah .....I briefly dated a guy who had just graduated from Columbia U. Law School   who claimed, bizarrely, never to have heard of it wonder if that was part of the test (the bar) he was studying for hope I corrected him in time. He actually told me he thought it was the husband's right..... I said to him you must be joking. This is why there was a women's movement and why I am thankful to be in NYC.

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