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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Evanston, New York, London Jersey City past present there is no.....?????

I've been caught in a storm really the weather, work, my ever well don't want to go into it here. A few things sustained me and a few people. I met a few cool ones too. Reconnected via Facebook with someone from my childhood a stormy thing but you know one I've been feeling guilty about most of my life. I was reflecting back, you know, some was great, some was awful; that saying best of times worst of times cliché but true, and you know, for the life of me though I just could not get into Dickens. I was trying to read David Copperfield in London when I got robbed.....good God. Pay attention, me. I did start reading a couple things one a book about government spying (which I don't need to read a book about to know about think I've become an expert; as I could not not). And Lee Harvey Oswald's diaries; the latter was very bizarrely soothing to me when I was in the midst of all that.....it's really fascinating stuff. So I was living in Jersey City which there was good and bad both extremes there ultimately if I hadn't left moved way uptown for all that I went through I also met some very special people. One brings on the other.
And looking forward to travel. More on this later.....


Speaking of wrong side of the tracks, I was telling my new shrink about getting bullied after school by the tough girls, they were not merely mean, they were scary. Patty, the "white trash" girl, and, well, the ghetto ones as well. Chicago has a lot of great qualities but it's very rough in parts. My mother's office got broken into which we had walked in upon, a man there with the cash box in front of him....."um, I just had to use the bathroom."

 Oliver .....my grammar school performed that musical, pretty good this one, but so grindingly grim and depressing.....and my mom liked to play the soundtrack so I heard it constantly growing up.


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