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Monday, February 22, 2016

Free Kesha

I have a lot to say on this and understand, I think, a good deal of her conflict. The problem lies with the fact that if you are attacked and want justice you have to go through the police and make a report. True, many of them will either disbelieve you or try to intimidate or tell you you weren't raped or any number of things (they are reluctant to take down information that will bring the statistics up; because NYC is SO safe now right? Remember Jaws? Enemy of the People? ) I have had many instances where I asked them to take down a record of what happened and they would not. Do what you can but DO NOT DO NOTHING. Fuck, I mean one woman said she was the type to scream from the hills if she felt righteously indignant, i.e. was under attack; and in the words of Emmaline Pankhurst; a screaming baby is attended to faster than a patient one. I feel, I feel absolutely, for anyone suffering due to someone abusing their power. It should never be allowed to happen and those who perp this stuff are the lowest of the low it goes without saying. Men (women, sadly at times) who are predators often seek out someone they think will be too intimidated to speak out, someone who comes across as submissive, or fearful). Get it in writing or write it down yourself there is so much social media it's infinite twitter blogspot ect ect otherwise this is what it comes to, your word against someone else and especially if "someone else" had power and leverage in the situation, money, connections, like I suppose "Dr. Luke" does. The worst thing you can do is bottle up keep silent yes it's difficult but.....I'm so thankful for the times I got help because thing is when you're 18, younger than 18, you simply aren't mature or worldly and it's very difficult to find a voice in situations. People are afraid to speak because they fear being attacked, legitimately. But a judge in a courthouse, if honestly they give a shit at all, has too many cases before and after you and have to make a decision based on what's in front of them; that is if they are not taking money from someone I've read too much about this though don't like saying it. 

Save text messages. Save numbers, dates. 

Hopefully you will never face something like this. Ultimately, no one wins, though sexual abuse is about power, that I learned even though I'd heard it before. 

Annette Benning in "American Beauty"

NO ONE "chooses" to be a victim, bullshit, that is. The world is full of those who are simply not nice. Often, they are able to hide it til it's too late. Or they pick someone who is without defenses.
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For the record, I sympathize with Kesha and was infuriated when her case was so knee jerkingly (my opinion) reversed; and why should anyone ultimately be forced to be under contract to someone who has caused them so much unhappiness? What about other people who could speak for her, who saw what she was going through? Doctors, family, friends......or she could get a psychiatric evaluation that confirms she has PTSD from years of being under attack by someone with so much power over her? There is a lot of aggression and effort by some people to suppress information like this and to block a person from seeing a doctor who knows their history, like what happened to me in lower Manhattan. I'm being prevented from seeing someone who knows what I've been through, this allegedly due to scheduling conflicts and missed appointments even though I spent months trying to make an appointment and pay the balance I owed, which has been paid. Again, here I go where I wasn't going to say anything maybe there's nothing to it and a series of misunderstandings, maybe it's my fault like I'm being told. I wanted to see this particular doctor because she knows my story and I'm a witness in a court case. It could be a series of unfortunate or clumsy slipups I'll accept that if that's the case but you know I don't know what the reason is. It's all vague. But ultimately it's standing in the way of coming to a resolution about a lot of heavy and crucial stuff that has caused me hurt throughout my life.All, I might add, unnecessarily. Anyone has a right to a voice, and their story being told in their own words. A lot can fall by the wayside but I have to say in my experience it's whoever has power, often that they have not earned, in a situation decides what occurred. Remember, that's their story.Or as in the Jodi Arias case, a domestic violence expert and psychiatrist who have legitimate diagnoses of her being a victim of Travis are intimidated, threatened, sent hate mail, face aggression and hostility from people like Juan Martinez and bombarded with interruptions and "Ma'am"s yes I know yes it's imperfect but  bottom line get a doctor to speak for you do what you have to but the more who can speak for your side the better. Even if it's a struggle to get that, it makes every difference.

Either way......well.....anyway. That's all I can say for this. But when it comes down to it I'm not an expert on contracts but any kind of binding agreement where you sign your life away is.....well it's why people warn you to have an expert look over what you're signing. Still. ? Yes, if it were up to me I would let her go. 
 Still, life is more complicated than that, and people do things not knowing what they are doing. Don't misunderstand me. I know. I'm not sitting here saying I always do everything perfectly by the book and never fucked up that simply would not be true. I feel wholeheartedly for what she's going through. I think her expressions of grief and fear are genuine.

Even if it means not being famous the way you were but of course fame does not make an artist.

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