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Saturday, November 08, 2014

Special place in hell

Must be the darkening moon.....affecting my mood. Or maybe some of humanity shouldn't have been born. The hypocrites who make these laws.....what they were never broke, or hungry? They never got loans from their parents? I doubt that. I read about someone who will remain nameless who not only stole charity money but spent allegedly $1 million on plastic surgery (sorry but it ain't doing the job) this is money that could have gone to animals, or, excuse me, to help the homeless (you try fucking living on the subway) or starving children, or transgender victims of violence (those she claims to be in solidarity with) or hell even to pay off a third world country's debt not sure I guess it works like regular credit borrow pay back borrow pay back. Henry Miller wrote Shakespeare said "neither a borrower nor a lender be" easier said than done......
My father considered himself  a Republican (moderate pro-choice)
and was in favor of the gulf wars (due to the oil crisis in the 70s I mean I guess I understand the logic certainly would hope there is a better alternative) but picked up hitchhikers during the transit strike this in Chicago during the dead of winter and a blizzard real nice of the CTA huh?.....


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