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Sunday, November 02, 2014

A . Part of me

Still cares about him always will despite that he fucked me over (or peut etre should I consider myself lucky that's all he did? .....) and caused so much hurt to me his other gfs his family his community of course if the allegations are true his victims. None of this was necessary. But I KNOW something is up. I don't trust the papers (I know there are honest journalists but these ones are not) I have caught them in so many lies. If J is NOT doing what he is accused of then this is a travesty of lies slander hurting innocent people that's as bad as the.crime itself. The way our lives our sex lives our privacy has been invaded IS a form of rape. Total violation of civil rights. This will.....tragedy leads to more fascism more police state more fees for this that security ect never mind that the rents ARE high and we are still getting raped including by the cops. I am well aware it could have been me or my family friends whom he attacked but you know he didn't. I walked around that area at all hours and nicely sexily dressed and wasn't bothered except for a borderline incident who knows.....he did not do this stuff he is accused of to me. I went to sleep he left me alone. We hung out like normal people. 

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