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Monday, November 10, 2014

2 Unlimited - No Limit

I wrote on this yesterday but am obsessed with junxtaposing clips of party music and dancing with horrors of the first Gulf War. I read something about the Guf being the tree of life though not too familiar. A soldier who'd been at the Battle of Kadji with a very startled expression, very grim, saying how precious life is and how he appreciates it. I keep thinking the people who were dancing I mean they knew a war was going on but you was it their war? This group is from the Netherlands and Iraq is much closer to them.....more than California is to NYC. A little over 4600 kilometers which is ......looking up.....2900 miles. Like, dude you could even ride a bicycle there. Or walk. Or jog. No water to pass over. If you go through Turkey. I guess I'd never given it much thought. Maybe "we" weren't aware even though we were; you read how people in Germany turned a blind eye to what was happening in the camps, or did they know? You can know without knowing. Know unconsciously and feel that and wonder why you have this awful sense of something you can't put a finger on. I get that. But you can be blind to it on the surface because humans too have a sixth sense like animals (who instinctively know when shit's about to go down and flee the scene.....this happened during the tsunami in Indonesia and there are reports of this going on during WWII) but maybe psychologically the mind blocks out trauma and disassociates. I was reading how abuse victims, or those who have been through trauma (maybe everyone has in their own way I don't know if some is better or worse than others I know my story I know what others have said but I'm only inside myself ......but supposing some people just suffer in unusually bad ways) MK programming all that......that that is one reason why people's identities split and they develop alter egos. Two names. I know I have mine. They become this other person then switch back then don't remember. Perhaps some people are more attuned to vibes energy than others. I wish I didn't have that ability there are two sides to that. It can be painful even if I am a genius......Genius is pain, John Lennon said that? There's subliminal imagery in the 2 Unlimited video not sure if it's intentional or not.....the circles with arrows could be rockets pointed. The pinball machine and random numbers springing up. Hm. Just noticed.The setting looks like the stage on a quiz show like Family Feud. "God" is playing games with life? Life is a pinball machine? Eeh. Pure randomness with no consequence? Just speculating. Pretty intense to think about.

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