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Friday, November 07, 2014



My opinion of Sherrill Small and her husband (someone actually married this dude; go figure) I will not say. Drugs aren't great, but they in themselves don't make a bad parent. Bad parents make bad parents.Or foster parents. Or what have you. Child abuse is not instigated by drugs; these people are messed up to begin with and never should have been allowed to have children. Having a kid is not difficult; parenting and raising a kid is. So sad that it takes a tragedy like this to start instigating actions to be taken that should have been in the first place. Not to mention corruption in Texas Child Protective Services and ok I will speak plainly it's so fucking important to these people that a pregnant woman has the baby at all costs no matter that she can't care for it and neither can anyone else, so this is where the child they forced into the world ends up. OOOHHHH! I was so mad I was stomping the floor reading this......

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