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Friday, July 25, 2014

To Sin by Silence

Ella Wheelcox

GREAT poem

The truth hurts and can get one killed. It hurts to write it though it nearly killed me at times. I never claimed to be perfect however let me clarify. I do NOT like writing about times when I am hurt by someone. I try every avenue of doubt. There's unintentional and there is intentional. Unintentional is painful but forgivable. I did not want to know not want to believe and maybe could have should have gone on being blissfully ignorant except that this person took some kind of pious tone in, without my knowledge, trying to cause a rift between me and someone  and trying to effect something that would have caused me a world of hurt......and who is she to do that? My instincts and what I know tells me this person is at best unreliable in giving advice on anything or in making moral aspersions on another. I want more than anything peace. This is a matter close to my heart and this involves real people and others who would have been badly damaged by her and her intentions seem purely malicious. This is not helping anybody. This person acts out of hate and delusion. It is not love. Love does not, I don't care what anyone says, break up friendships or families real love doesn't. It is not an act of unprovoked cruelty to a person who never did anything to you. On shaky ground such as this nothing good can come and anyone with such intentions is nit to be trusted.


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