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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A year later

And too long. Inwood is lovely but.......so much took place that shouldn't have and I was made to suffer in ways I shouldn't have. Period. But here I am a year later back on Planet Earth and still breathing. Three months ago I removed a 200 or 250 lb tumor from my life up in Riverdale. Live and learn, right? The rain is warm and pretty, like tropical. I got a copy of the French film La Ceremonie very brilliant and stylish but disturbing. I am also really getting into the Lifetime film on Amanda Knox it's just..... .  I don't know......beautifully shot. I am pretty worn out from heavy activity yesterday but it's not over.....took a little break though. I watched a film with my mom last night also French Mozarts Sister this one is WEIRD the Mozart kid is creepy like the Omen kid and the scene with him playing the organ had me screaming nearly. I learned a hard lesson in one year I don't ever.....WON'T ever go through that again. Reunited and no it ain't happening. Al was right. Anyway.....yeah. Thinking of the comment James Woods once made he made a few very crude but hilarious, and true. Can't wait to go to the beach. You know a person by how they act toward you in bad as well as fair weather or any weather for that matter. In the end if you're an asshole to people you end up with no one except the mirror ha I don't envy that.....

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