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Friday, July 25, 2014

A lotlot

Of warmth and support for which I am thankful but sadly this other thing came at me with the force of a jet. And it is ugly. I try so hard to get away from this and I can only say to the self living in jersey city that girl was an innocent or rather.....I am sorry wholly for any hurt I caused. But unlike those I just wrote about, I NEVER hurt anyone intentionally, ever. I can say that much for myself. I wish I could let some people off the hook to their credit they did a lot of good I hope just hope that this.....does not reveal something darker about them as I believed in this person. And I am holding back because I doubt this Person x knows everything. After what happened with Justin and how he betrayed my faith and trust with Leila among others.....not to mention what I went through .....in the past and I can't say I'm proud of all I've done I feel sad and guilty as well. But this.....is the ugly adversary. That which I have no control over.....

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