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Saturday, June 13, 2015


Yesterday was frantic. Only now just waking.....saw friends and had fun but was everywhere in the city and walking I must have at least 15 miles not sure.....I haven't run in a while but will soon.....I can see myself tightening up though as I was up and down. hills, stairs and so on. I just now found out I can .....well a lot of issues have nearly splintered me but somehow I got out of it, barely.....like I clawed my way out of a grave. A lot of things lost partly I admit, my fault that I was careless and reckless many times but glasses, phone, clothes. I returned cell phones even a wallet with money in it this partly because there was a time I lost mine and people returned it.....without taking any cash and I am grateful for that.....but you know things get lost I'm not the only one. I was supposed to get a replacement but it hasn't arrived it's two weeks now.....several attempts to buy one just a chaotic mess. a lot of upsetting things I'm reading the spying going on me having been spied on I never had the luxury of being ignorant or naive, if that's at all a good thing. I don't know, but educate yourself if you don't want to be led by lies as there was a time once when I was too. Certain people I had thought were OK or great turned out to be not and me being someone who stands out without trying to I was a target. I always sensed something was .....happening but it wasn't clear what. But if you don't want your body, soul and life hijacked then don't ..... well the information is out there. There are bookstores and libraries and a ton of stuff on the internet that's all I can say. 

a drawing I did: 

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