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Thursday, June 11, 2015


I won't quote anyone but it's hovering over me.....thanks to Google and Youtube (such are the ironies) it's not so easy to copy people's stuff the catch being attributing it to oneself often collecting money for it; at least without being exposed. If it weren't for a corrupt judicial system in America a lot of people would be in prison. Sad state of affairs, huh? A lot of copying goes on and if someone rips off your stuff, furthermore getting rich off it, all illegally, and you merely say you're flattered you know what you deserve it then. By doing nothing and saying it's OK you're as guilty as the people doing this to you. Are you flattered when someone steals your TV? Then pawns it......not naming names .....I had a lot of stuff stolen from me (I know me as me it's easy to see this as a whine-fest, it isn't. I'm merely stating a fact: stuff was stolen from me) I was careless that's my fault......though I returned two cell phones as well as a wallet with money in it went through hell for a month due to having no phone.....I may be many things but I'm not ok with it nor am I flattered. Then this lowlife scumbag I made the mistake of dating accused me of, what? stealing $2? I don't like to write stuff like this because it's not positive, uplifting stuff but realistically this is what I've been dealing with. 

So. Live and learn. I'm happy to say I have. I worked hard to pull myself out of a bad place and I'm better, yeah better. Don't get me wrong. A lot of people have come along who are great, I am grateful for them. Spirit has helped me and I am grateful for that also. But I learned a brutal lesson from some of my mistakes you know not everyone out there is nice. Ha. It's like combat, or a video game! Now I can see why people play them.......I hadn't really understood it before.

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