oh lovelies

Sunday, February 08, 2015


So much activity and well.....it's pretty overwhelming. I feel incredibly jarred but here I am here I go. I watched a video of Rod Serling pitching Twilight Zone it's truly, he is was rather truly brilliant. Initially the show was even creepier. I took a ton of photos over the past few months which I'll upload a few of them.....I absolutely love these birds! I feed them pretty frequently bread and stuff mostly. They are quite friendly and sociable and they all know me by now amd fly in, all I imagine there are at least 100 of them..... I watched a discussion on civil disobedience so yes anyone dare tell me not to.....I'm going to feed the fucking birds they have as much right to live as anybody. So far, no one has. They stand in formation by the water not sure how to explain this I suppose they sense the water coming in or.....?
I put all the flowers in the ocean after they dried I mean I wasn't sure what else to do with them.....I don't want to put them in the garbage and there is no where else really.....I figure they just dissolve naturally in the water.

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