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Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Manufacturers makeup and ect

So I was reading a very interesting article on the history of "hoodoo" products as well as make up of the 1930s and how  manufacturers how in America all these different cultures or "diasporic religions" meshed together like African, European and Jewish American......traditions and practices .....it's a lot of information......anyhow in particular was an example of hair pressing oil aimed at African American woman how it said on the package "krimpy, bad hair" this was the thirties and the slicked down look was in.....but I have curly, kinky hair and am of Irish, English, German probably some middle Eastern descent. Anyway I never thought about the man or woman behind the curtain making and selling the stuff I buy. Distribution obviously the stuff does not transport itself to all the drug stores in the world.
So last night I bought makeup as I had none a lot of wet and wild. I looked up the company Markwins Products.....they are international but the American end is in California. For some reason these productsare far more expensive in the UK than here. I saw something on their site called Monster High some such.....one of their makeup kits is called Draculaura.  I am not in high school and for me to wear this stuff would look very eccentric.....


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