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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

I am a genius with all respect to John Lennon

Genius is pain. See, I cite my sources no offense some of you could learn from this. But I know exactly of which he speaks. As for my own stuff oh yes I went through hell it was horrible but I cry at the result cuz it's amazing I am a genius I have had help yeah it takes a village but I am..........I played Mrs. Pilate at St. Michael's seeing the film made me think of the Occupy Wall St. movement and so many.....I am sorry about police officers being shot and yes it is wrong but it also does not cancel out or discredit that too much power has corrupted here in America and elsewhere and certain ones took advantage of having an advantage to rape and kill for no good reason other than that people such as me spoke, completely legally, of wrongdoings and.....I don't want to say "evil" I understand it's all relevant.....but police and others whose job it is to stop crime in America acted immorally and injudiciously and without excuse. The reason being selfish greed none other. So I don't like to say this and I feel sometimes it's not my job to control this but what can I do but ......it just has to be said.

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