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Friday, March 14, 2014

Kings cross fire 1987


Just saw a show on this. When I did study abroad in London we were at the Dimwiddy (saw "dimwitted" on spell check ha!) House, yes it was really called that.....right near that same station. That was not a good neighbor hood I was robbed there and harassed incessantly.....not to mention held captive at a phone station.....over a charge dispute. When I think of Amanda Knox I know I am on the subject yet again but .....I know every incident of injustice is equally grave and there countless examples every day. But in my life and as myself I naturally understand things similar to what I know and have lived. Recently walking home I was thinking......I think all the time: I studied abroad and it's a wonderful thing that I would never take back.....hard as it was sometimes. But you are not walking into a perfect or utopic world. Crime and violence is rampant in London and I was not prepared for that  even growing up in NYC and Chicago (I was recently remembering a story my father told me about chasing someone out of his apartment in Chicago.....he did have guns) .....but I thought.....I think all the time how that could have been me who was attacked or any of us. I could have been in Amanda's shoes.....living in that house in Jersey City even though I never had any bad incidents there but still there's no guarantee. I cant for the life of me understand why people don't lock their doors; in one of the Jodi Arias interrogation videos she talked anout Travis following the law of attraction not locking his doors because that sent message to the world that you don't trust people and you are locking out good things. Detective Esteban told her due to the nature of his work he locks his doors. Yet everyone carries a gun. It's crazy! And.....people.....another time for this.....

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