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Monday, March 07, 2016

love nyc but dying to go somewhere at least for a bit but where?

Jayne Casey and Bill Drummond 

Liverpool, London, Scotland

Some online articles I was reading made me remember London where I'd love to return only drawback being the weather as I don't take well to the cold. Liverpool? Where is that, anyway? In the UK somewhere.....but where so much has been happening past and present, like see above. When I was in London my favorite place to eat was a little divey Indian restaurant in Kings Cross where this very sweet lady pretty much ran the place, this and stuff I discovered on my own if I'd done things differently better but there was just not enough time; even being held hostage in a near kidnapping with my father on the phone in Indianapolis. They had pretty decent vegetarian stuff. I have to say, the Indian food here in NYC is great. On every corner there is something from anywhere, really. So, you know, for all that I say if I could go somewhere in a time machine a few places would be Ancient Egypt or Greece, NYC in the 70s or 60s or France ca. 1700s London Bloomsbury (really loved it there) late 1800s though women weren't even allowed in libraries there's something to be said for cell phones and GPS.....and being allowed in the NYPL or the London equivalent.

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