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Sunday, October 05, 2014

"I thought every German was you, and the language obscene" Sylvia Plath

 "If I can't dance, I don't want your revolution." Emma Goldman

Missing Foundation Party's Over

Betty Friedan had written in a book I'd read The Feminine Mystique that.....in a chapter titled "The Comfortable Concentration Camp" that people being sent to the gas chambers.....one had been a dancer, who did a small dance before being shot. This as told by Bruno Bettleheim. That that was some kind of liberating moment......he'd written that in such extreme conditions those being imprisoned turned on each other rather than those imprisoning them. "Work for your freedom" they'd been told. But the work was drudgery and endless.....you know.....that nothing new. Always there'd been a slave class. Truthfully dance is damn hard work. It's aching, huffing puffing, so excruciating,  and so tiring just no words can describe.....

Yankee detectives
Are always on the TV
'Cos killers in America
Work seven days a week

Never mind the stars and stripes
Let's print the Watergate Tapes
I'll salute the New Wave
And I hope nobody escapes--The Clash

As a teenager, I may have come under the radar of Russian espionage. No, no joke. You don't know.......most people don't even know the half of the half of the beginning.......

When my father came here for a visit......he ........ he'd lived in Chicago (near the Belmont area, that being kind of like the East Village of that city) and Indianapolis, his home town, is a major American city also; not a naive person.  But when we were in a cab on St. Marks with my mom he said it looked like they'd opened up an insane asylum. I am remembering a quote from Missing that Thomkins Sq Park is built on sacred American Indian burial ground thus......explains all the jagged dissonant insanity one always finds there still you know hasn't really gone away......one night I dreamt of a giant fire in that park. Turns out Missing Foundation had had a concert there where they had set a fire.....there was so much random and inexplicable violence both in Chicago and NYC and there seemed a peculiarly sinister element in Chicago maybe because it's a city of such extremes, of weather and other stuff.

Nazis invented (ta-tum! get ready for this one:) 
"Panzer Schokolade" 
i.e. our friend Crystal Meth......Hitler himself.....and I really hate writing on this subject......was a daily injector. Crazy, right? During fascist times seems (to me, though I'm just one person) one parties harder? And the music is better. Why is that? My friend said it's because people pour their pain and struggles into art......

Blazing Saddles   ( link not clear but just click.....)

LA Style

Culture Beat

from the 80's really on a roll

Lil Louie French Kiss  

I read, I think, an interview with David Geffen where he was asked why during Republican presidencies the music is better and he said something along the lines of if Pat Buchanan were elected President the world may suck but the parties would be great, or something like that.....or the music would be great.....around the time of this video the American military was bombing Iraq to dust and anyone-who-may-potentially-have -known-anyone's phone was tapped.....I know this personally. 
 The Berlin Wall (Berliner Mauer) had been torn down but that made no sense to me. A wall in the city and, so what.......? I couldn't fathom. Just couldn't. Except in some ways my experience was similar. Exiled to Siberia? Where was that?

People were simply dying, really being killed, i.e. as in cold blooded murder, by the minute, by the hour.............  Yeah, yeah, we live in a sick world. Human sacrifice? For what?  The levels of which are beyond what one can wrap one's brain around. Around this time, I returned to NYC. Because truth be told I was kind of obsessed with a guy. Also, really, I missed NYC and my life and friends, though Chicago is great and I loved my Dad and all but still......yet Chicago radio is light years superior to NY. All ironies really.
My friend once said to me (the same one I'd been obsessed with, this maybe due to no accident)  very emphatically: "YOU stood out." I don't try to. I really don't. I am a private person but I was sixteen and......so many times I ......it was a time when I felt like I was confronting Death in the face. I could have been Jennifer Moore. One occasion I got into an argument with my mother and walked out......ended up on the LES near what was a junkie squat damn scary. A guy was with me, fortunately.......because when this one approached us, a man with blood dripping from his nose......eyes glazed and boggled..... I mean straight out of a horror film you know......"You came here to shoot up?" No. Drugs had not agreed with me when I'd tried them and all they had to do was stab us with one of those needles (AIDS.....)  no need for any real assault......thinking of this stuff how did I survive? I really......I really.......well, who knows. 

It's all subjective the music better/worse what's great/what sucks you know everyone is different. These are merely my opinions. But I just feel in times of intense political oppression the music improves and gets more intense a teacher once said about the roaring 20s......consensus was we could all die any day so party it up. I mean.....? well.......

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