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Sunday, February 23, 2014

The haunted Dakota?

http://www.gothamcityinsider.com/2007/08/dakota-new-york-citys-most-legendary.html?m=1 this thing is fucked up sorry Gone.with the Wind the "in" thing was neo.gothic architecture with dark tinted windows and such. The turn of the century little girl people saw? Walking home from the spuytin duyvil metro north station these guys had Magic Man by Heart on the car radio and just.....a.bunch of houses for.sale and they all look freaky. I am not a squeamish person but I once had a nightmare about.being stuck overnight in a mansion on 14th st  go.figure. I once went to an audition on 14th st for "models"'for an alleged music video where as soon as I.entered the building the door locked behind me. I pounded on the door and screamed and someone buzzed me out.
I watched a very disturbing Twilight Zone episode with.Dennis Hopper about neo Nazis blood.sacrifice, Hitler's ghost.......speeches about conspiracy and nationalism. George.B Shaw said Joan of Arc was.a nationalist.well who knows it was different circumstances.

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