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Thursday, September 05, 2013

Dave Insurgent

Nee (hard to find the accent as it is a French word.....maybe a little flowery to describe this guy) David Rubinstein.....from one of the birthplaces of American Punk, Forest Hills, Queens, NY. His band was Reagan Youth and had done pretty well for an underground.....they played constantly. These days were before Facebook or Twitter so to publicize their shows bands created flyers and posters. Also word of mouth.....Dave was not a saint was not terribly pleasant.....from what I heard. ? Who knows. His girlfriend was Tiffany Bresciani, a dancer from Louisiana who sadly fell victim to heroin addiction along with him. She got into a car with Joel Rifkin, telling Dave she would return in 20 minutes. She never came back. Shortly .....a few days or so later.....her body was found in Rifkin's truck. Dave committed suicide a little later. Anyway. His birthday would be today. One hell of a story.......his.....

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