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Friday, April 22, 2016

Been forever

I was in Harlem passing Apollo theater saw bright lights Prince's music figured it was a concert......wow. I'm haunted by his leaving. Kind of cheesy but I had dinner at the Odeon last night, which is where I spent NYE 1999. Ok my experience with TAFKAP is I was a kid visiting my father in Chicago. His neighbor was a record promoter and my dad got boxfuls of promotional albums. One of them was Prince Controversy. (I spelled that right). I saw a pull-out of him in lace underwear his pubes showing and everything. His voice was so high it sounded girlish. At the time it was freaky to me like I'd never really seen this before, from a man. I also read he'd been booed offstage.....he wouldn't get famous for a few years. Hope you're in a better place, Mr. Nelson. My ex bf is also Jehovah's witness.

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