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Saturday, September 12, 2015


When I was about ten years old I was taken to see 2001 Space Odyssey with my then step siblings and stepfather and mother. Given that we were children.....in a big dark empty theater and this movie is three hours long.....I haven't watched this in ages but am obsessed with Jan 12 1992 Dan Richter's performance as the bone-discovering ape. This film is actually comic and considering it was 40 some years ago this makes me think about the issues with my phone which has malfunctioned innumerable times probably due to being hacked.
When I was in school I was cast in a....not sure whether to call it a play a dance or what.....I was dressed up like an ape and playing one.....jumping around and making the sounds they make. My boyfriend at the time asked if he could come see it and I asked him not to I was embarrassed then.....but watching this sequence God I deserved an Oscar and so does anyone who can do these moves because they are exhausting. Dan Richter deserved one. Who says this isn't acting? Of course it is!

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